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09 September 2009 @ 06:46 pm

Thanks to everyone from this past weekend's DragonCon for the Cyberman love.  In case you missed me or were not at the Con, here's a pic:

And the breakdown:

Boots from WalMart
Suit made from silver vinyl material from trimfabric.com
TV/Stereo cable hose
Practice golf balls
Chest unit made from:
1) Plastic box from Target
2) Ice trays from Ebay
3) Xerox of circuit board
4) Assorted electrical connectors
5) Legos
6) Plexiglass
7) Craft metal
8) Small LED lights and larger one for center light
9) Shelf wire from IKEA
10) Urinal cake holder cover
11) "Gun" cut from wood with wooden dowel.
12) Helmet from Ebay (I want to upgrade--the backplate does not match the helmet when lined up and the handles aren't clear)

I made it on to CNN talking about DC, too.


For weeks I had said, "I'm not going to be working on my costume the night before I leave."

I picked up the body suit Tuesday night and there were no outer seams or golf balls or hose sewn on.

A good friend of mine from the UK and I went to WalMart, bought some small rope to sew in for the seams and she went to work.  Until 3:30 am Wednesday and then back up at 10:30 to start again.  After that, we hooked the hose and golf balls in place and I tried it on and everything was adjusted with the harness sewn together it was about 4:00 Thursday morning.  We were to leave in eight hours.  So, I broke my promise to myself.

Next year, I swear!

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